Welcome to The Wee Card Shop .

The Wee Card Shop is my Online version of the type of Small Independent card shops that 30 years ago were on every High St , each selling lovely cards that were different from the card shop a few doors away .

Today the High St card shop will be a multiple selling the same cards as in its 200 other outlets , In today's World of fast text messaging etc card buying is dying out but if someone in your life is Special enough to receive  a card off you then make it a nice card from a little Independent like " The Wee Card Shop ".

Like most Folk I have a Dream in life - For me that is relocating to the far North of Scotland , Somewhere between Durness and John O Groats and opening a small card / gift shop - due to this area not having a large population it also needs to be Online , so here we are - all cards purchased go to helping keep the dream alive and my assistant Ralph the Cat in Dreamies .

Thank you for visiting this site - David and Ralph x